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Resume workshop helps IMCOM employees and spouses prepare for employment transition June 21, 2010

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IMCOM G-1 and Arlington BRAC Transition Office provides opportunities for transitioners to receive the latest information and training on how to develop Federal resumes and use electronic search tools to apply for Federal positions.  One of the opportunities is a 6-hour Resume Workshop.  The workshop, held 12 May and 15 June are designed specifically for IMCOM transitioners with a capacity of 20 participants to allow time for hands-on learning as well as one-on-one instruction. The Arlington BRAC transition office counselors are on site at the workshop to provide insight into the San Antonio job market and information on similar services provided by the state of Texas for BRAC-affected employees. Participants are provided laptop computers for use during the workshop, a resume workbook authored by Kathryn Troutman, a well known trainer and writer on Federal employment strategies and a computer thumb drive to save work completed.


Two workshops are scheduled for 23 and 28 June.  A stand-by list is available due to the tremendous popularity of the workshops.  More workshops are being planned for July.


Contact:  IMCOMBPA@conus.army.mil with Employee and Spouse Resumes Writing and Application Tools (BTC) in the subject of the email for additional information.

BRAC Employee Career Assistance Office Assessment Survey June 18, 2010

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IMCOM, FMWRC and AEC employees,

HQ IMCOM, FMWRC and AEC are transitioning to Fort Sam Houston, Texas!

The IMCOM G-1 BRAC Employee Career Assistance Office wants to ensure you receive the right transition information, training and support tools.

Completing this survey will assist us in identifying your needs and scheduling applicable events.

Thank you for participating in the Installation Community BRAC Employee Career Assistance needs assessment survey. If you have any questions regarding the completion of this survey, please contact the IMCOM BRAC Placement Assistance.

Purpose of Survey

This needs assessment survey is designed to determine training needs for IMCOM BRAC-impacted employees. The results of this survey will be used to schedule BRAC transition training for IMCOM employees.


Your responses will be used collectively for research purposes only and will be kept confidential.


Participation is voluntary but your participation will make a difference in ensuring the right training is available to all employees. Please click on the below link and complete the survey before 30 June. Your input matters as we will pull survey results every couple of days so we can start scheduling training needs based on early responses. Make your opinion count and complete the survey!

Take the Survey HERE.

Decision: Rent v. Buy May 11, 2010

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Illustration by Sarah Samoraj

For all who plan on making the move out west to San Antonio, one thing is essential: finding a place to live.

Deciding whether to buy or rent may be easy to some, but not for all. Whichever you choose, here are some websites to help you and your Family   decide which route is best.

Here’s to your future life in San Antonio!

I don’t want to make the commitment of purchasing something until I become comfortable with the various neighborhoods and find out where I want to live.”

– Tamara Elston, Transition Center Program Manager, U.S. Army Installation Management Command

MSN Money Article

The Basics: Why it’s smarter to buy than rent


An online real estate site where you can search for homes for sale, find home prices, see home values, view recently sold homes and check mortgage rates.


This website serves as a guide for people planning to move to Texas.

[Moving to San Antonio] is a good opportunity for me to own a home.  … I think my quality of life will improve, definitely.  I’ll be able to do something in the afternoons besides go to bed.”

— Andrea Pratt, Human Resources Specialist, U.S. Army Installation Management Command (currently commutes about four hours a day to and from work)


A website allowing you to search apartment listings.


This website lists renters’ reviews on apartments.


A website that lists rental homes and apartments.


“Involved parents. Successful kids.” Learn about a school through parent ratings and reviews.


This site is designed around the needs of a relocating family with school-age children.  “Finding the right San Antonio schools in the right neighborhood has never been easier.”

San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department

This website lists parks and recreation places around San Antonio.


This site lists crimes such as robbery, burglary and theft by date, time and place.

Texas Department of Public Safety Sex Offender Database

This website allows searches for risk levels and addresses of sexual offenders in San Antonio and surrounding area neighborhoods.

DISCLAIMER: The Installation Management Command does not control or guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness or completeness of information contained on external linked websites. The appearance of external links does not constitute endorsement by the Installation Management Command, the Department of the Army, or the Department of Defense of the services or products offered on external sites. Links are provided solely for convenience.

Commitment letters are out June 8, 2009

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Every IMCOM employee should have received a four-page document that lays out the specific information on the reasons for IMCOM’s move to San Antonio and the options available to the workforce. Armed with that information, employees are asked to sign a letter of commitment that states their intent to relocate with IMCOM or leave the command by September 2011.

This latest milestone follows town hall meetings for the headquarters workforce at Fort Belvoir and Aberdeen Proving Ground on May 27, where IMCOM Human Resources experts and leaders laid out the plans, options and incentives for the phased relocation to San Antonio that is now underway. The command will reorganize in October of this year and begin learning to function under the new RIST-FST structure. Movement to San Antonio has begun and continues with about 150 people from IMCOM, AEC and FMWRC headquarters moving this summer. More early movers from the region headquarters will also be heading to San Antonio through the rest of this year.

The command is leasing space for about 750 workers to accommodate the vanguard of the existing workforce and new hires that will be brought on after members of the existing workforce have been placed. That space and possibly another leased facility will house the combined IMCOM headquarters until the command’s renovated campus on Fort Sam Houston is ready for occupancy in time to meet the BRAC deadline of September 2011.

The letter of commitment states their intent to move or not and to subsequently accept a specific job offer or not. There are four options: To volunteer to relocate, accept the offered job, and relocate when the time comes; to volunteer to relocate and subsequently decline the job offer; to volunteer to relocate, accept the job offer, then later decline to move; or to simply decline to relocate. Each choice has a set of associated consequences that are laid out in the town hall briefing slides on the transformation web site.

The headquarters town hall also introduced a package of incentives aimed at retaining as much of the experienced IMCOM workforce as possible. Some of those have been mentioned before, including the use of DNRP and paid house-hunting trips, and others. Now, the command is offering an 18 percent relocation bonus to appropriated fund employees who move. This also is spelled out more in the town hall slides.

Find the town hall slides, as well as the slides and original HR plan, as well as information about Texas living, at the transformation website.