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Going Back to School in San Antonio September 8, 2010

Posted by julieoro in Moving, Relocation, Resilience, San Antonio life.

Finding a Higher Education that will Work for You

If you’ve ever considered going back to school to complete a bachelor’s degree, professional certification, or master’s degree, this is the perfect time to begin.  You’ll make new friends in your new city and create professional opportunities for yourself.

San Antonio hosts a wide variety of colleges and universities, not to mention online universities.  With so many options, it’s wise to first set career goals for yourself.  Do you need a degree to reach your goals?  Do you need a bachelor’s or master’s degree?  Are professional certifications necessary in your field?  Do employers hire from specific universities?  Are online degrees acceptable in your field?

People often think they cannot afford to return to college.  Websites such as www.salary.com and www.glassceiling.com offer average salary information on virtually every career path.    Before you enroll, find out what your earning potential will be if you complete your degree.  Any amount above your projected earnings without the degree is the return on your investment.  Going back to school makes financial sense if the tuition is less than this return amount and you can make the tuition or student loan payments until that new salary kicks in.

San Antonio is a great place to be when you want to go back to school.  With more than 20 higher-education organizations in the greater San Antonio area, you can select the school that is the best fit for you and your budget.  There are many reputable rankings of colleges and universities.  US News and World Reports (http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges) is one of the most well-known.   It is a good idea to collect information on schools you are considering from a wide variety of sources, and to visit several schools yourself before applying.  Talk to students who go to school and work full-time, if that is your plan, to see how much time is needed to complete homework and class requirements.

Consider entrance exams, academic requirements and prerequisites.  Select a couple of colleges or universities you would really like to attend, as well as a few back-up schools.  Apply early; make sure your application is complete and thoughtful.  Well-written application essays and high entrance exam scores often qualify you for scholarships.  Apply for financial aid and scholarships early, sometimes deadlines are long before you’ve received an acceptance letter.

Going back to school is an investment in yourself.  It shows that you are motivated to continue learning and adapting to your environment.  For active duty military, there’s nothing better you could do to prepare for work in the private sector after retirement.  For civilians, continuing your education makes you more competitive for promotions and shifts to new positions.

Whether you decide to go back to school or not, never stop learning.  It’s an important part of taking care of yourself; it improves your self-esteem and energizes you to try new things.

Colleges and Universities in San Antonio, Texas

University of Texas www.UTSA.edu
Los Alamos Colleges www.Alamo.edu
University of the Incarnate Word www.UIW.edu
Trinity University www.Trinity.edu
St. Mary’s University www.StMaryTX.edu
Hallmark College www.HallmarkCollege.edu
Our Lady of the Lake San Antonio www.Ollusa.edu
Kaplan College www.Kaplan.edu
Career Point College www.CareerPointCollege.edu
Sanford Brown www.SanfordBrown.edu
International Bible College www.IBCTX.org
Galen College www.GalenEd.com
Everest College www.Everest.edu
Southern Careers Institute www.SCITexas.edu
University of Phoenix www.Phoenix.edu
Baptist School of Health Professionals www.BSHP.edu
ITT Technical Institute www.ITT-Tech.edu
Mexican American Catholic College www.MACCSA.org
International Academy of Design and Technology www.IADTSanAntonio.com
Culinary Institute of America www.CIAchef.edu
Texas Institute of Religion www.IDSCES.org
Wayland Baptist University www.SA.wbu.edu


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