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Sunny San Antonio June 16, 2010

Posted by Neal Snyder in San Antonio life.

A recent article in the San Antoio Express News reminds us there is one abundant asset in the new home of the Installation Management Command that must be taken in moderation. If you’re East Coast born-and-raised you’ve dealt with hot weather, but the South Texas Plains climate encourages you (or at least this writer) to spend much more time outside. So read this:

 I have a New Jersey cousin who gets impatient every time I complain about Texas summers. They’re better than New Jersey winters, she says, and gives me advice that goes something like this:

Buy some red toenail polish. Learn how to make margaritas. Find a pool and a murder mystery, and immerse yourself.

She’s not a dermatologist. If she were, here’s what else she would say about fun in the Texas sun:

1 Use sunscreen. Use it generously. Use it often.

READ more at Surviving the summer sun.


1. Sarah Samoraj - June 17, 2010

Great article, Neal!

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